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A new team of Dairy Technicians is on the way

Last week 18 Swedish students started their training as Dairy Technicians. The education, which is run by Lernia in collaboration with the industry, lasts 1.5 years.

According to the dairies, there is a lack of trained dairy technicians in Sweden, because today’s production requires both knowledge in process technology and in milk and dairy. To fill this competence need, Arla, Norrmejerier and Skånemejerier nominates and pay some of their employees to attend the education to become Dairy Technicians.

‘Every year since 2015 18 students have started the training. Anyone can apply for the education we only require Swedish in addition to upper secondary school competence. However, it is common that the applicants to be encouraged by their dairy employers to apply, Katarina Devell, communications manager at Lernia, says.

The education last 1,5 year and variates between training at Arla’s dairy in Götene (13 weeks) and at Kold College in Odense, Denmark (23 weeks).  In addition, the students attend internships at one or more dairies in Sweden

Read more about the Dairy Technician program here:


Arla: Two Swedish board members handing over

Vice Chairman Heléne Gunnarson has decided to stand down from the Board of Directors – handing over the new strategy period to a successor. Also Janne Hansson, another Swedish member of the Board of Directors, , is also stepping down.

Following 21 years as an elected and 13 years on the Board of Directors, the Swedish vice Chairman Heléne Gunnarson, is leaving her assignment. The timing is carefully chosen – in the beginning of a new strategy period:
– After a long career as elected and vice Chairman it is my wish to prioritise my farm and family. And I want to hand over to a new Board of Directors member before the new strategy period starts. I am very proud of the way Arla has developed during the 20 years I have been active as an elected. We have become an international cooperative with owners in seven countries and strong brands all over the globe. I am really proud of the journey we have made together, Heléne Gunnarson says.
Janne Hansson, member of the Board of Directors since 2018, has made large investments on his dairy farm, and has concluded that a prioritisation is necessary:
– It has been a privilege to sit on the board of Arla, one of the greatest farmer cooperatives in the world. It’s an important assignment and now I am looking forward to hand it over to the next person elected. I will now prioritise the development of my dairy farm and the large production investments I have made and will continue to make, Janne Hansson says.
Heléne Gunnarson and Janne Hansson made their announcement at the extra Board of Representatives meeting that is taking place in Copenhagen right now.
The two member of the Board will step down after the next Board of Representatives meeting in October 2021. The Swedish Evaluation Committee is involved and will initiate the election process during September. Read more HERE

Facts about Arla’s Board of Directors:

Arla’s Board of Directors consist of 15 Arla farmer owners, that are elected at regional and national electoral meetings by the members of the Board of Representatives, three employee representatives and two external advisors.

Cows do not care about colours

Coloured LED lighting did not affect the cows’ milk production, a study from SLU concludes.

It is well known that cows produce more milk when the circadian rhythm is determined by a light program with 16 hours of daylight and 8 hours of night lighting. But does the colour of the light effect the production?

Many have discovered the benefits of energy-efficient LED light. By switching to LED lighting in a barn, energy consumption for lighting can be significantly reduced. There is great interest in the possibilities that LED technology provides. Among other things, it has been claimed that blue light can increase the cows’ activity, but this is not true according to a new study from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

– It is important to have better knowledge of the circadian rhythm of the cows, says Sofia Lindkvist, who is a doctoral student in this SLU project. Our goal is to be able to give well-founded recommendations on LED lighting programs in stable buildings for dairy cows – to reduced energy consumption and to maintained or increased activity and production.

– Our conclusion is that the choice of colour for the lighting in a barn should be made based on the stable staff’s wishes, or other need. We could not see any negative effects on the cows, she concludes.

The study continues with focus on other aspects on the cows need of light.

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Marcus Jansson returns to Gäsene Dairy as CEO

The new CEO at Sweden’s smallest dairy association is an old acquaintance.

– I am humbled by the task of continuing the development at Gäsene Dairy, I feel very motivated to work together with the staff – to create a good price to the owners and a long-term profitable dairy. The board knows my strengths and what I am passionate about and with their confidence behind me, this is a challenging and exciting assignment, Marcus Jansson says according to Food-supply.se.

In the meantime, away from the dairy since 2015, Marcus Jansson has worked as category manager at Lindahl’s Dairy Products and at Gunnars Maskiner in Åsarp. Gäsene Dairy has had two CEOs in the period.

Gäsene Dairy is Sweden’s smallest dairy association, owned by 24 dairy farmers. The dairy has produced cheese since 1931 and has its own cheese-shop in Ljung in the middle of Västra Götaland.

Read more about the dairy HERE

Arla launches an annual Breakfast Barometer

Breakfast is important for students’ ability to learn, but every third primary school student does not eat breakfast every day, a new study from Arla shows.

In 2018 Arla carried out a pilot project in Botkyrka municipality, where students were served breakfast during the first lesson. The project concluded that Students having nutrition in their bodies handle the school day better. The classroom will be calmer and the children will absorb the teaching better.

– To continue highlighting the importance of breakfast for children and young people, Arla is now launching an annual survey in which we measure children’s and parents’ attitudes around nutrition and breakfast, but also ask principals and school leaders if their schools serve breakfast, Victoria Olsson, head of sustainability at Arla Sweden tells in a press release.

– In our new survey, two out of three principals answer that their schools never serve breakfast to their students. At the same time, 97 percent of the principals answer that a good breakfast improves the students’ ability to concentrate, she says and add:

– Our study shows that children in families with higher incomes eat breakfast to a greater extent and thus have better opportunities to learn more in school. The school and society actually have an opportunity to level this out.

The study was conducted in Maj-June 2021, involving 1021 parents, 1021 students and 425 principals.

On the 24th of August Arla will host a digital seminar, presenting the report.

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Summer news from the Grill Cheese front

The last couple of years Swedish grill cheese has been the talk of the town. This summer was no exception. A new dairy launched their own grill cheese – and a test voted the best cheese.

The increased interest in locally produced food means that many people choose Swedish grilled cheeses instead of Cypriot original halloumi – and grill cheese has become a competition parameter among dairies. Last dairy in the game is Falköpings Mejeri, that launched their own grill cheese in June. The cheese is made from 100 percent, organic cow milk.

– For us at Falköpings Mejeri, which has been making cheese since 1931, cheese-making is nothing new, but grilled cheese requires little more than a hard cheese and a large investment in new cheese-making with complete equipment and a completely new recipe has been developed, the dairy told.

Also, Aftonbladet showed interest in the many variations of Swedish grill cheese and conducted a test to find the best in July. The vote fell for Dalsspira’s Grill cheese, which were described as ‘almost perfect and a clear Winner’.

– For a small dairy like Dalsspira, it is not always so easy to reach the end consumer, but Aftonbladet’s test shows that our Grill cheese stands very well in the competition against much larger brands, which we are very proud of ‘, CEO Malin Jakobsson from Dalspira stated.

Read more HERE.

Stop for expansion of Boxholm Dairy

Cheese production in Boxholm has encountered new problems. The municipality made a mistake as it allowed the company to expand the dairy.

The new owners of Boxholm Dairy, Glada Bonden, who took over after Arla, had plans on expanding on the dairy ground. The plans were, among other things to build a warehouse next to the current dairy in central Boxholm.

The municipality’s community building committee gave the go-ahead, but neighbours to the dairy appealed, they believe that the expansion is contrary to the detailed plan for the area.

The County Administrative Board backs up the neighbours and cancels the municipality’s decision.

Arne Karlsson (S), chairman of the public works committee, says to SVT:

– We had in mind that our decision probably would be appealed, but we took a chance.

The consequence may now be that the municipality is forced to make a new detailed plan for the entire area, something that can take two years and risk the entire project, he adds.

Anders Birgersson, chairman of Glada Bonden, is sad that the expansion plans have been stopped, but believes that the business can continue anyway.

– If there must be a new detailed plan, we can take the opportunity to make much bigger changes for the whole area, he says.

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Arla-employees bring their garbage home from work

At Arla head office in Stockholm a new compost machine is turning food waste from the canteen and coffee grounds from coffee machines into nutrients for plants.

The compost from the new machine is put into small compost goody bag (Photo) which are shared among colleagues and the office’s plant supplier. It is stated that just one teaspoon of compost mixed with water is a delicious meal for plants – so the goody bags last a long time.

The story about the Swedish reuse initiative is shared on Arla Foods LinkedIn profile, where facility manager Niklas Henningsohn gets the credit for implementing the machine – ‘and making everyday habits at the office that bit greener’.

Popular ice cream sticks are produced abroad

In July – in the middle of the ice cream season, SIA Glass released the Ice Cream Report 2021 – a report on ice cream production, origin and transport.

The Ice Cream Report 2021 shows that the Swedish people want to eat Swedish ice cream. At the same time it maps where Sweden’s three largest ice cream companies manufacture their sticks and cones. The survey shows that several of the most popular ice creams are made abroad.

It is the Halland based ice cream company SIA Glass that is behind the report, and they have a strong interest in releasing the survey, because they are the only large company, that produce all their ice cream sticks and cones in Sweden and from Swedish cream

The survey shows that GB Glace and Triumf Glass manufacture several of their bestsellers outside the country’s borders, which means that they are transported to Sweden by truck.

– We are not looking to point fingers, rather we would like to say: it is possible to produce all ice cream here in Sweden, and thus reduce the climate impact through fewer transports. This is our positive message for the ice cream season 2021. We want to arouse interest and spread knowledge about the issue, says Stefan Carlsson, CEO of SIA Ice Cream.

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AAK plans to close Belgium factory

AAK has entered formal negotiations regarding closure of its plant in Merksem, Belgium. The closure is expected to cause non-recurring costs of SEK 304 million.

The production site in Merksem, Belgium, which employs approximately 100 people, is predominantly a bakery fats plant, mainly producing margarines and shortenings for the industrial market in continental Europe. The proposed consolidation implies a transfer of production from Merksem to AAK’s sites in Hull, United Kingdom and Zaandijk, the Netherlands, after which the site in Merksem would be closed.

– The proposed production consolidation would optimize our Bakery segment in line with our portfolio strategy, Johan Westman, President and CEO, AAK Group, says in a press release and adds:

– We will maintain our strong presence in the European industrial bakery market and continue to support our customers with the same high level of dedication and service.

The restructuring is expected to cause non-recurring costs of SEK 304 million, for which a provision will be made in the second quarter. SEK 203 million of this is a non-cash flow impact. A closure of the site in Merksem would lead to annual cost reductions and productivity gains of approximately SEK 51 million, expected to reach full run rate by the end of 2022.

More information and further comments will be provided in connection with the release of AAK’s interim report for the second quarter on July 16, 2021.

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