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Arla launches new low-fat cheeses

Arla is now launching a brand-new family of low-fat hard cheeses that do not compromise on taste and have a naturally high nutrient content.

Arla has big hopes for the new series of cheeses, that fit into the health trend. There are three different varieties in the new cheese family: Mild & Sour (10% fat, 32% protein), Mild & Full-bodied (17% fat, 29% protein) and Mild & Creamy (17% fat, 29% protein). In a press release it is high lightened, that the cheeses are rich in protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and zinc and marked with the keyhole label. The practical small packages make them suitable for both small and large households. The cheeses are produced in Götene and made from 100% Swedish milk.

– Low-fat cheeses are a fantastic food that manages to combine good taste with a high nutritional and protein content. As we have reduced the fat content in the cheeses, the amount of protein, vitamin B12 and zinc increases completely naturally, without any additives. The fact that the cheeses can be varied makes it easy, fun, and good to get nourishment in everyday life, Thomas Perrotton, Brand Manager Arla Ost, says.

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Seminar: Microbiology in the dairy plant


Torsdag, 14 oktober, 2021
10:00 – 16:00
Hotel Legoland, Billund


Microbiology at the dairy plant is constantly interesting and important for the dairies. This seminar will explore the perspectives for positive microbiology, and how new knowledge about the effect of microorganisms in our microbiota can be applied positively into dairy products.

Also, the unwanted microbiology in the dairies which deteriorate the milk, and the dairy products will be explored. How to fight bacteriophages, yeast, moulds and thermoresistant bacteria throughout the steps of dairy processing – raw milk, processing, and shelf life.

Furthermore, the seminar will focus on the ones that are really unwanted at the dairy plant, such as Salmonella, Listeria, Mycotoxins and campylobacter – how to avoid these? The seminar will also seek answers to how approvals of fast detection methods is organized.

See programme HERE.
Abstracts will follow soon.

Members: DKK 2,195 ex. VAT (DKK 2,743.75 incl. VAT)
Non-members: DKK 2,695 ex. VAT (DKK 3,368.75 incl. VAT)
Online-participation up to 5 pers.: DKK 4,995 ex. VAT (DKK 6,2433.75 incl. VAT) (the 5 people must be from same site, but will receive individual links)

Registration HERE
Deadline: 8 October 2021

IFC Water congress


The Food and beverage industries to share experiences with water reduction, reuse and recycling

FrieslandCampina, Nestlé, Carlsberg and Arla Foods all have at least one thing in common: their aim to become more water efficient. Each of them has ambitious goals for water reduction, reuse and recycling and all with different approaches. These four multinational F&B companies will share their experiences and latest endeavors at the second IFC Water Congress to take place in Herning, Denmark 6 and 7 Oct 2021.


The IFC Water Congress is a 2-days programme filled with new research, cases, and presentation of the latest technology for water efficiency in the food and beverage sector. Wednesday 6 Oct the congress will be opened by keynote William Sarni (US), who is CEO and founder of the acknowledged think tank Water Foundry. After four exciting speeches, the participants are invited to join a company visit to Arla Foods Ingredients close to Herning to experience their water reduction efforts live.

The Thursday will be opened by Nestlé’s Technical Director of Water Resources, Carlo Galli, who will talk about the company’s water strategy which builds upon water stewardship principles. Also, on the agenda for the Thursday’s programme are introductions to the latest technology from Veolia and Niras, and then experts within risk assessment, hazards and water quality will enlighten the audience with recent research.

The congress is held in Herning in conjunction with the renowned exhibition hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia that attracts 8,000 visitors from around the world each year. It is possible to combine the participation in the congress and enjoy the exhibition.


Additional information:

Conference Language: English

Price is DKK 2,995 (approx. EUR 400).
Wednesday only: DKK 1,295 (approx. EUR 175)
Thursday only: DKK 2,195 (approx. EUR 295)

Website: www.ifc-watercongress.dk

For further information please contact:
Isabel Sande Frandsen, Programme Coordinator, Tel: +45 2221 4025, e-mail: info@ifc-watercongress.dk

Dairy among nominees for Nordic Council Environment Prize 2021

A local dairy farm in Åland with production of organic milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products is one of the nominees to the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2021.

The purpose of the prize is to raise awareness of environmental work in the Nordic Region. Among the eight Nordic nominees is Mattas Farm Dairy in Finby, Sund, Åland.

Nordic Council writes:

’In addition to foodstuff production and food crafts, grazing animals and biodiversity conservation are an important part of the activities at Mattas Farm Dairy. Sustainability, environmental issues and animal welfare permeate the company, whose work with circular production is prominent. Slurry is used on the farm’s own fields, and the dairy manure is used as pig feed on a nearby farm that has free-range pigs. Jennifer Sundman and Lars-Johan Mattsson have degrees in agronomy and economics, respectively, and both are trained in food crafts. They often participate in local events that support a positive narrative about local food production and sustainable agriculture, reaching a wide audience of both locals and tourists.

Mattas Farm Dairy is a good example of a small sustainable company whose principles and philosophies can be applied to other companies in the same industry, but also to companies operating in other areas, for which reason they have been nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2021’.

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Välkommen till

MTF höstseminarie – Tema – Listeria i mejeriindustrin  

Onsdag 20 oktober

13.00 Seminariet öppnas för allmänt nätverkande.

13.10 Ordförande Gina Kylin öppnar seminariet och informerar om föreningens verksamhet 2021-22

13.20 Vice Ordförande och Docent Maria Glantz och Professor Marie Paulsson presenterar Nordic Dairy Congress 2022.

                         Kort fråge- och diskussionsstund

13.30 ”Övervakning och bekämpning av Listeria i praktiken” Sakura Netterling, Laboratorieanalytiker Norrmejerier,
14.00 ”Reducering av Listeria- kontamination med hjälp av  skyddskulturer” Heike Morgenstern, Senior Application Specialist, International Flavours and Fragrances

14.30 Frågor och diskussioner om Listeria

14.50 Utvärdering av seminariet

15.00 Seminariet avslutas


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Mvh Styrelsen

Relax to the sound of ‘Arlagården’

Arla has produced a relaxing playlist with various recordings from a dairy farm. The soundtrack on Spotify is part of the campaign ‘Lev I Muet’ (a quirky translation of the expression ‘Live in the present’).

 – On a farm there are many harmonious and soothing sounds that I think people enjoy, but few get to experience on site. We are now launching a playlist with these wonderful sounds so that more people can take part in the tranquil experience that farms offer. Leaning back and enjoying the sound of the cows, the summer rain or a glass of cold milk that is poured is a wonderful way to relax, Hanna Wennderdal, brand manager at Arla in says according to Food-Supply.se

The soundtrack are so called White Noise, which is a broad term that covers everything from static noise to background noise that people use to unwind an relax.

The playlist is a part of the campaign ‘Lev I muet’ which Arla launched I June, aimed at young people between 16-33 years. The communication focus on reminding people to take a break from the hectic everyday life, to live more in the present and to have a glass of milk – a good choice for downsizing and recovery.

The playlist include the rustling of the wind in the summer meadow, a quiet rain against the barn roof, the cows grazing and a glass of milk being poured. The sounds are recorded at an Arlagård in Roslagen.

Listen to the soundtrack HERE

Goodbye to Arla Köket – Hello to Arla Mat

Arla gathers all food inspiration under the new concept ‘Arla Mat’ and will to a greater extent use new social medias.

For more than 60 years, Arla has inspired home cooks with various recipes. In the autumn of 2021, Arla will launch the new concept Arla Mat which gathers all food inspiration under one roof. The concept replaces the 20-year-old ‘Arla Köket ‘and at the same time it extends its communication with two new digital channels.

– It should be easy to eat well and choose good recipes and products. By gathering all food inspiration from Arla in one concept under one name, we make it easy for food enthusiasts to find us everywhere, regardless of channel, Karin Granlund, responsible for food inspiration, Arla Sweden, says.

– We know that many in the target group 18-25 years are interested in food, and much of the food they cook is inspired by movies and recipes on TikTok and Pinterest. Two channels we have not used before. In the future we will release a lot of recipe films together with well-known influencers, at TikTok, Sara Johansson, social media and influencer manager, Arla Sweden tells.

The roll-out of the new concept has just started and during the autumn several activities will be arranged. Among other things, Arla Mat Food truck will visit various universities, where they will serve breakfast and inspire the students to good eating habits.

Find Arla Mat on Instagram (@arlamat), TikTok (@arlamat), Facebook (@arlamat), Youtube (@matkanalen), Pinterest (@arlamat) and on the Arla Mat-app.

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Potato drink hits the marked in major offensive

The potato-based drink DUG, launched in the sprin, is now on the store shelves in most of Sweden – and well on its way to Shanghai.

The Swedish launch of Veg of Lunds’ new plant-based potato-based drink, DUG®, is ongoing – in Sweden, UK, and China.

I Sweden the company recently signed agreements with most of the Swedish stores. DUG is already available in Ica and by the end of September, the potato drink will be on store shelves in around 450 Axfood owned stores and from October in Bergendahl’s 42 City Gross stores.

In the United Kingdom DUG was launched to the British customers as online purchase via amazon.

Most remarkable is the potato drinks entrance in China. Earlier this summer, Veg of Lund began a collaboration with Olé Supermarket, which has around 50 stores in Shanghai and Shenzhen. In total, the cities have app. 40 million inhabitants. Now they have started further cooperation with City Shop, which today has 13 stores in Shanghai’s central residential area, as well as two stores in Beijing, according to ATL.se

The fact that Veg of Lund has an agreement with City Shop gives us access to and an opportunity to expose our brand to purchasing power and conscious consumers who are happy to choose imported food, Cecilia Lindwall, CEO of Veg of Lund, says in a press release.

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About Veg of Lund

The company was founded by Eva Tornberg, professor emerita at Lund University, 2016. Veg of Lund develops plant-based foods and owns patented methods for developing new food categories in the fast-growing market for plant-based foods. The company’s shares were listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market under ticker VOLAB.

A new team of Dairy Technicians is on the way

Last week 18 Swedish students started their training as Dairy Technicians. The education, which is run by Lernia in collaboration with the industry, lasts 1.5 years.

According to the dairies, there is a lack of trained dairy technicians in Sweden, because today’s production requires both knowledge in process technology and in milk and dairy. To fill this competence need, Arla, Norrmejerier and Skånemejerier nominates and pay some of their employees to attend the education to become Dairy Technicians.

‘Every year since 2015 18 students have started the training. Anyone can apply for the education we only require Swedish in addition to upper secondary school competence. However, it is common that the applicants to be encouraged by their dairy employers to apply, Katarina Devell, communications manager at Lernia, says.

The education last 1,5 year and variates between training at Arla’s dairy in Götene (13 weeks) and at Kold College in Odense, Denmark (23 weeks).  In addition, the students attend internships at one or more dairies in Sweden

Read more about the Dairy Technician program here:


Arla: Two Swedish board members handing over

Vice Chairman Heléne Gunnarson has decided to stand down from the Board of Directors – handing over the new strategy period to a successor. Also Janne Hansson, another Swedish member of the Board of Directors, , is also stepping down.

Following 21 years as an elected and 13 years on the Board of Directors, the Swedish vice Chairman Heléne Gunnarson, is leaving her assignment. The timing is carefully chosen – in the beginning of a new strategy period:
– After a long career as elected and vice Chairman it is my wish to prioritise my farm and family. And I want to hand over to a new Board of Directors member before the new strategy period starts. I am very proud of the way Arla has developed during the 20 years I have been active as an elected. We have become an international cooperative with owners in seven countries and strong brands all over the globe. I am really proud of the journey we have made together, Heléne Gunnarson says.
Janne Hansson, member of the Board of Directors since 2018, has made large investments on his dairy farm, and has concluded that a prioritisation is necessary:
– It has been a privilege to sit on the board of Arla, one of the greatest farmer cooperatives in the world. It’s an important assignment and now I am looking forward to hand it over to the next person elected. I will now prioritise the development of my dairy farm and the large production investments I have made and will continue to make, Janne Hansson says.
Heléne Gunnarson and Janne Hansson made their announcement at the extra Board of Representatives meeting that is taking place in Copenhagen right now.
The two member of the Board will step down after the next Board of Representatives meeting in October 2021. The Swedish Evaluation Committee is involved and will initiate the election process during September. Read more HERE

Facts about Arla’s Board of Directors:

Arla’s Board of Directors consist of 15 Arla farmer owners, that are elected at regional and national electoral meetings by the members of the Board of Representatives, three employee representatives and two external advisors.