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150 year – and still going strong

This year, Västerbottensost® can celebrate its 150 jubilees, and the cheese is just as popular today as when it was created in 1872, emphasizes Norrmejerier, which produces the cheese according to the traditional craft methods.

Despite its age, Västerbottensost® is still going strong. This is shown by the fact that it occurs on YouGov’s annual list of Sweden’s strongest brands, as one of the 10 strongest.

– The fact that Västerbottenost® still is loved and appreciated by the Swedish people is something we are very proud of. Our ambition is to honour the memory of Ulrika Eleonora, who created Västerbotten cheese and continue to produce it in the same way, so that future generations of cheese lovers also can enjoy the cheese, Maria Forsner, Product Manager Västerbottenost, says.

According to Norrmejerier 95% of the Swedish people know Västerbottensost® and some call it Sweden’s answer to parmesan. The cheese has its own website, an active marketing and collaboration with some of Sweden’s best chefs.

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Webinarium med tema: Lära för mejeri och livsmedel – utbildningar möjligheter


Välkommen på Mejeritekniskt Forums fösta webinarie för 2022!

Tema: Lära för mejeri och livsmedel – utbildningar möjligheter

När onsdagen den 9/2 kl 13:00-15:00

Var: Teams (Kontakta mejeriteknisktforum@outlook.com för anmälan/länk)

För: Medlemmar


Programmet för dagen är:

13:00-13:10 MTF hälsar alla välkomna och startar upp mötet.

13:10-13:30 Karin Thapper Livsmedelsföretagen – Generellt om livsmedelsutbildningar i Sverige

Frågor 10 min

13:40-14:10 Weine Lindström Lernia – Yrkeshögskolenivå ( Mejeritekniker )

Frågor 10min

14:20-14:40 Marie Paulsson och Maria Glantz – Mejeri- och livsmedelsteknikutbildningar vid Lunds universitet

Frågor 10 min

14:50-15:00 Avslut summering


Väl mött från styrelsen MTF


Vid frågor kontakta:

John Lea

Sekreterare MTF



New research emphasizes the importance of breakfast for school children

A compilation of 15 research studies states that eating a nutritious breakfast every day affects children’s health and how they perform in school.

According to mjölk.se a new report compiles 15 research results and shows, that a nutritious breakfast can improve both health and school performance. But only two out of three primary school students and half of the high school students eat breakfast daily.

Three studies in the compilation show that children who eat breakfast every day are more alert and fuller. Those who do not eat breakfast instead find more energy from sugar. They also get less protein, calcium, fibre, and zinc. And girls get insufficient iron and vitamin C. Also eating breakfast regularly can reduce the risk of obesity.

In some of the studies, it was found that children who eat breakfast performed better on various cognitive tests. Five of the studies also showed that breakfast intake contributed with higher test results, improved accuracy, and ability to concentrate.

It is estimated that 20 percent of the daily energy comes from breakfast. Therefore, it is important that school serves a nutritious breakfast for those children, who do not eat breakfast at home, ‘Livsverket’ suggests.

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New man at the helm of Glada bonden’s dairy

The dairy Glada bonden in Boxholm has got a new CEO. At the same time, the trademark dispute with Arla continues.

– It is with joy and excitement that I accept the challenge to lead and develop Glada bonden dairy, says Oscar Hallinder in a comment to food-supply.se, when he took over as CEO at the beginning of the year.

– I look forward to working strategically, building structures and an organization that delivers quality in product and process. It will be great fun, and a first step to be able to handle the volume we want for the sales work that lies ahead of us, he says.

Among other things, Oscar Hallinder has work experience from Dafgårds and Scandi Standard.

Meanwhile, the cheese battle in Boxholm continues. Recently Svea Court (Patent- och marknadsöverdomstolen) has given Glada bonden time to file an appeal, because the dairy has been banned from calling its cheeses genuine Boxholms (Äkta Boxholms). Pending a decision, Glada bonden now call the cheese ”XXXX XXXXXXX”, they tell on Facebook.

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Arla has saved 873 tonnes of food I Sweden

In 2021, Arla saved 873 tonnes of food through the Arla Deals initiative. To prevent food waste this Christmas, Arla shares three tips in a press release.

A year ago, Arla opened a digital outlet – Arla Deals – where dairy products with a short date are sold with high discounts to shops and restaurants. The goal is that fresh products should not be thrown away, but instead be used in restaurants and by consumers.  873 tonnes of food were saved in Sweden this year thanks to the initiative.

– During Arla Deals’ first year, it has become clear that there is an interest to reduce food waste. Many products are often good after their ‘best before’ date and if we together can ensure that the food produced is eaten up, it is a big win, Magnus Cohen, responsible for customer service, Arla Sweden, says.

That Swedish consumers are interested in reducing their food waste is clear from the thousands of searches made on Arla’s question forum every week. ”Is it possible to freeze your products?” tops the list of the most searched questions.

In a press release, Arla shares three good tips for reducing food waste this Christmas

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Whey sorbet from Ostmakeriet won innovation award

The cheese factory (Ostmakeriet) on Rindö won the competition ‘Ät!Stockholm 2021’ with a whey sorbet, made of the by-product from the company’s cheese production.

‘Ät!Stockholm’ is a food innovation competition that focus on new, sustainable, and innovative food products based on Swedish raw materials. The competition took place at the end of November and the jury gave the first prize to Ostmakeriet’s whey sorbet. The jury’s motivation was:

– An unused raw material gets new life, and a beloved food gets a real refreshment. Through good collaborations and innovative gastronomy, the producers show the way to the food of the future. A recipe that can inspire others to new variations – and the potential to hit big. A refreshing innovation with a wonderful texture.

The competition was organized by the Stockholm Region, the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, Södertälje Municipality and Project MatLust. The target group for the competition is small and medium-sized food companies. Read more about Ostmakeriet HERE

Sweden is still a pioneer in low antibiotic use

For the eleventh year in a row, the European Medicines Agency’s report (EMA) shows that Swedish farmers use the least antibiotics in EU – where the total use has decreased by about 10 percent in two years.

– The other EU-countries have followed the Swedish model. Europe is the best in the world on this issue. And we are the best in the EU. It is something to be proud of, LRF’s veterinarian Anna Forslid says in a press release.

Every year, about 750,000 people die from infections caused by resistant bacteria. With increased antibiotic resistance, many infections become more difficult or even impossible to cure. Therefore, it is extra gratifying that Sweden is consolidating its position as Europe’s best at low antibiotic use in animal husbandry.

Sweden has been a pioneer in animal welfare issues since the mid-1980s. At that time at LRF’s National Assembly, the members made a historic decision to work for a ban on the use of antibiotics for growth-promoting purposes. In 1986, it became law in Sweden, as it now is throughout the EU.

While Sweden is the EU county with the least use of antibiotics (11.1 mg per kg) – Cyprus tops the scale as a heavy user (393.6 mg per kg. kg). Read more HERE and see how much antibiotics other EU countries use.

Experimental farm inaugurates milking robots with the latest technology

At an event last week, Lantmännen’s ‘future farm Viken’ celebrated the installation of seven new milking robots from De Laval.

– We believe in Swedish milk production and therefore the investment in new technology is important. With the seven new robots, we also see great opportunities to make more experiments in feed that will benefit the entire industry, Lantmännen’s chairman of the board Per Lindahl said at the inauguration

The future farm Viken is Lantmännen’s own dairy and experimental farm, which is located east of Falköping and has 440 dairy cows and 420 calves and heifers.

The seven milking robots replace a 20-year-old milking carousel. Lantmännen has invested SEK 15 million in the robots.

– The latest milking technology minimizes the risk of incomplete milking. In addition, it will be easier to milk more difficult cows and through measuring the number of cells the milk during milking you can have control over the cows’ udder health, De Laval’s product manager Per Edstam said to the agricultural news media ATL.

The robots can also detect heat and pregnancy by measuring progesterone in the milk

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A new face in the management team at Skånemejerier

Cecilia von Perglas will be the new Business Unit Director for Dairy & Juice and Chief Commercial Officer for the Retail function at Skånemejerier.

As Business Unit Director for Dairy & Juice and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for the Retail function Cecilia von Perglas will be part of the management team at Skånemejerier.

Cecilia von Perglas comes from Cloetta, where she has been Sales Director at Cloetta for 2 years. She has 20 years of experience in leading positions in marketing and sales at Cloetta and LEAF and has a good and close relationship with the retail.

– I look with great excitement and humility forward to my new role — and to become part of Skånemejerier, which has a unique position as the leading dairy company in southern Sweden, a national challenger in the dairy business and part of the world’s largest dairy group Lactalis. We can both secure the local values as well as collaborate globally. Together with the employees, I will continue to focus on the customer’s needs, meet market demand and offer sustainable and innovative products, Cecilia von Perglas says in a press release.

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Again: Glada Bonden vs. Arla

In mid-November, Arla filed a lawsuit against Glada Bonden for trademark infringement. Now Glada Bonden reply with suing Arla for misleading marketing.

The Boxholm-based dairy Glada Bonden has since September produced a cheese, under the label ‘Äkta Boxholms’ (Genuine Boxholm’s). But Arla already produces a cheese called Boxhom and have owned the trademark for a decade. So, after a warning, Arla sued Glada Bonden.

– Any company would defend its brand if there was a copy of their product, Arla’s press manager Erik Bratthall said to ATL in the middle of November.

Now Glada Bonden’s chairman Anders Birgersson states in a press release:

– We have always claimed that cheese made in Boxholm should be named after the place.

He welcomes, that the disagreements will be settled in court, but adds:

– It is not reasonable that cheese from Östersund (where Arla’s cheese is produced. ed) is the only one that can be called Boxholm.

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