New Milk Drink with Extra High Nutritional Content

Arla Ko® Lactose-Free Milk Drink+ is a new lactose-free milk drink with low fat content and high levels of protein and calcium.

In recent days, Arla has launched several new products, including an innovative milk drink with extra nutrients while still being low in fat and free from lactose.

– It’s hard to keep up with everything these days, so we want to make it easier for more people to get more out of their diet. Milk is a fantastic raw material that contains lots of nutrients, so why not maximize it? With Milk Drink+, you can get even more protein and calcium as well as vitamins B12 and D just by adding it to your coffee, smoothie, or pancake. Do less, get more. The fact that it’s lactose-free is also a plus for everyone who is sensitive to lactose and wants a product that is gentler on the stomach, says Sandra Eriksson, Brand Manager Arla Lactose-Free.

The other product news from Arla this week includes a fruit yogurt with cherry flavor, cottage cheese with onion flavor, and protein-rich drinks and meals to enjoy on the go.

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