Arla’s sustainability compensation wins award

Arla’s sustainability compensation, which provides incentives for climate and sustainability transition for dairy farmers, has won the Swedish Cooperation Award for cooperative development in 2024.

– Arla’s sustainability compensation is a concrete example of how cooperative businesses take societal responsibility, work long-term, and make sustainable transitions feasible in a profitable manner, says Anna Karin Hatt, chairperson of Swedish Cooperation, on the occasion of the award ceremony.

– We are super proud to receive this year’s award for cooperative development for our work in developing our sustainability compensation. The entire value chain must take greater responsibility for ensuring Swedish agriculture is sustainable – both environmentally and economically. Now we are developing the business models that make it possible! Being a cooperative owned by farmers is an incredible strength in this work, says Cecilia Kocken, CEO of Arla Sweden.

Arla’s model for sustainability compensation rewards both current and future actions, creating incentives and enabling members to implement the most effective, feasible, and cost-effective measures to achieve reduced carbon emissions.

The Swedish Cooperation Award for cooperative development is presented to an initiative that promotes cooperative development in Sweden. Swedish Cooperation aims to highlight initiatives across the country that develop cooperative and mutual business practices and serve as good, inspiring examples.

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Photo: Svensk Kooperation