Norrmejerier and Agronod in collaboration to achieve climate goals

Norrmejerier has partnered with the technology company Agronod to further reduce its climate footprint and measure and track their progress more effectively.

By utilizing Agronod’s climate calculation tool, Agrosfär, Norrmejerier will accurately measure and highlight the efforts of farmers, while continuing to work towards their ambitious climate goals. These goals include reducing emissions from their own operations—such as dairies, inbound transportation, and business travel—by 42%, and cutting supply chain emissions—including farms, other raw materials, packaging, and outbound transportation—by 25% by 2031.

– It is crucial for us not only to achieve these goals but also to demonstrate how each step in our production process contributes to a sustainable future, says Stina Printz, Head of Sustainability, Quality & Farm at Norrmejerier.

– With the help of Agronod’s climate calculation tool Agrosfär, we can provide evidence of the farmers’ current efforts and work towards our set goals to collectively reduce Norrmejerier’s overall climate footprint, she adds.

The collaboration with Agronod has already begun with one of Norrmejerier’s milk suppliers, Hulda Wirsén, at the dairy farm Stora Mu AB in Överkalix. She says:

– Finally, we have a platform that consolidates data from various sources, making it easy to track climate results based on actual farm activities. It simplifies calculations, ensuring they are relevant and based on up-to-date data.

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Photo: Stina Printz, Head of Sustainability, Quality & Farm at Norrmejerier.