Audience record to see the cows dance in the spring

Wapnö Farm near Halmstad holds the distinction of being the first dairy farm to open its gates to the public, allowing them to witness the joyful sight of cows frolicking in the spring pastures, a tradition initiated 26 years ago.

Back then, at the first ‘betessläp’ there was 100 visitors at Warpnö farm. This year, as many as 6.000 visitors came to see the cows run out to pasture.

This gathering has become a cherished symbol of spring, beckoning numerous enthusiasts to Wapnö Farm. ”There’s a discernible trend indicating that consumers value our approachability and transparency,” remarks Lennart E. Bengtsson, CEO of Wapnö AB, in conversation with

The record-breaking event unfolded on May 1st, drawing in thousands of attendees. Moreover, on Saturday, May 4th, numerous farms across southern and central Sweden will welcome the public to witness the cows’ graceful dance into spring. However, given Sweden’s considerable length, farmers in Norrmejerier opt to delay their cows’ pasture release until the end of the month.

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