Quark shortage causes empty shelves across the country.

The demand for quark is rapidly increasing, causing several dairies to struggle to meet it, as reported by Food-supply.se.

It’s part of a larger trend where many people are seeking protein-rich foods, and quark is particularly popular in this regard. We’ve witnessed this increase for several years, and this year, it has intensified even further. Consequently, we’re simply unable to keep up, Max Wallenberg, the press officer at Arla Sweden, explains to Food-supply.se

Quark, renowned for its high protein content, is utilized in many ways, ranging from breakfast to snacks, and extensively in cooking and baking, especially favoured by fitness enthusiasts.

Arla and Lindahls, produced by Skånemejerier, are primarily grappling with the surge in demand, while Valio reports no issues with their quark deliveries, according to Food-supply.se.

The unexpected rise in quark demand has surprised both stores and dairies. Arla assures that they’re quickly increasing production and expect to catch up by week 23.

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