New paper cups save 32 tons of plastic per year

Arla is replacing plastic packaging with environmentally friendly paper cups for its five-deciliter packages. This initiative aims to curb plastic usage and aligns with Arla’s commitment to sustainability.

Arla’s five-deciliter packages for sour cream, crème fraiche, and organic Turkish yogurt have until today been made of plastic. Now, these are replaced with FSC-marked paper cups with a plastic-reinforced interior.* Instead of aluminum, the cups also receive a paper foil reinforced with plastic. This is positive because aluminum requires much more energy to produce, Arla states in a press release.

This strategic shift translates into a substantial reduction in plastic consumption, plummeting from 51.3 to 18.9 tons annually. This accounts for a remarkable 63% decrease, amounting to a saving of 32.4 tons of plastic per year.

– Improving our packaging and reducing the use of plastic is crucial both for us as a company and for our consumers. The new paper cups are therefore a step in the right direction, says Victoria Olsson, sustainability manager for Arla Sweden.

* FSC = Forest Stewardship Council. The marking shows that the material is made from wood from responsible forestry.

Read the full press release HERE