Arla Jönköping donates dairy products to social store in Gothenburg

Arla is intensifying its efforts to combat food waste while also ensuring access to quality food at reasonable prices for individuals with low incomes. Towards the end of 2023, the dairy facility in Jönköping established a new partnership with the social grocery store, Maträtt, located in Gothenburg.

A few months ago, Maträtt began collecting surplus products from Arla’s dairy in Jönköping. Since then, Arla has been consistently donating milk, yogurt, cream, and other surplus items to Maträtt on a weekly basis, which Maträtt then offers to its members at significantly discounted prices. By January 2024, Arla had contributed over 24 tons of surplus and incorrectly labeled dairy products, which would otherwise have been wasted.

– Through our partnership with Maträtt, we’re not only aiding those in need but also reducing our food waste and, consequently, our environmental footprint. Thanks to this collaboration, we’re able to make a modest yet meaningful impact on both people and the environment, says Martin Drobena, manager at Arla’s dairy in Jönköping.

While the products donated by Arla cannot be sold to regular grocery stores due to various reasons, they remain in good condition for consumption. For Maträtt, which has faced challenges in stocking dairy products in the past, these donations are a valuable addition to their inventory.

Additionally, for several years now, Arla’s dairy in Kallhäll has been providing surplus products to Matmissionen in Stockholm.

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