Dairy in bankruptcy

Emåmejeriet in Hultsfred has entered bankruptcy proceedings following two separate applications submitted to the Kalmar District Court. Various media outlets report that a new company is ready to take over.

On March 18, Emåmejeriet AB was declared bankrupt by an agricultural entity, citing the company’s inability to settle debts totalling 697,330 kronor. Subsequently, on March 21, Emåmejeriet also filed for bankruptcy. The district court promptly ruled in favour of bankruptcy. Lawyer Erik M. Gabrielsson has been appointed as the bankruptcy administrator.

Speaking to SVT, Gabrielsson disclosed an interested buyer, the newly established Smålandsmejeriet. The plan entails Smålandsmejeriet taking over the operations, including the employment of the 13 individuals at the dairy.

However, Gabrielsson cautioned that the deal is far from certain, refuting claims from media outlets suggesting that the purchase has been finalized.

 13 employees at the dairy. However, according to Erik M. Gabrielsson, it is far from certain, dismissing media reports claiming that the purchase has already been finalized.

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