Arla wins major procurement contract in Örebro

Arla wins Örebro’s dairy procurement and continues as a supplier to the largest municipal kitchens in Örebro and surrounding municipalities. The agreement has a total value of approximately 100 million Swedish kronor.

Örebro and the nine nearby municipalities – Askersund, Hallsberg, Hällefors, Kumla, Laxå, Lekeberg, Lindesberg, and Ljusnarsberg – have chosen Arla as their dairy supplier. The agreement is entirely new for Hällefors, Lindesberg, Ljusnarsberg, and Nora, while the rest of the municipalities have had Arla as a supplier in recent years.

The agreement runs for four years and covers an annual volume of around 1,775 tons of fresh dairy products and food fats, with a total value of approximately 100 million kronor.

Arla’s wide range of organic and lactose-free products contributed to the victory. The agreement in Örebro municipality comes into effect on December 1, 2023, while the nine surrounding municipalities will start on February 3, 2024.

– We are so happy and proud to continue to be trusted as a supplier, and that an additional four municipalities have now chosen to collaborate with us. Over the next four years, nearly 400 large kitchens in preschools, schools, and nursing homes in the county will receive fresh dairy products from Arla, says Christer Lundin, Head of Foodservice at Arla.”

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