Cheese from Skånemejerier in new Innovative packaging

Mondi and Skånemejerier partner to introduce mono-material plastic packaging.

Skånemejerier has collaborated with Mondi, a global leader in packaging, to create a mono-material, polypropylene (PP) based packaging for, among others, ICA’s Hushållsost cheese.

Mondi’s mono-material solution provides high barriers against oxygen and water vapours, keeping the product fresh on the supermarket shelf. – and the material is recyclable.

Ingemar Jönsson, Packaging Manager, Skånemejerier, adds:

– Our collaboration with Mondi has been a thorough process: we started our first test and trials in 2019 and are delighted to be bringing this fully recyclable packaging to market before the end of 2023. The great working relationship we had, meant that we were able to adapt materials and machinery efficiently, resulting in a successful, fit for purpose solution. We have strong, effective and good-looking packaging that keeps materials in the loop and responds to consumer demands for more sustainable solutions, he says.

This new, innovative packaging is being launched in the same time period as Site Zero,  the world’s largest sorting facility for used plastic packaging, will open its doors in Sweden. This state-of-the-art facility, slated to go live in November 2023, will process used plastic waste from both Sweden and Finland. Thanks to the packaging’s mono-material design, the facility will be able to effectively sort this solution for recycling.

Rickard Jansson, Development Engineer at Swedish Plastic Recycling states:

– We are very positive about the new packaging that Mondi has developed together with Skånemejerier for ICA. By using mono-material film instead of laminate consisting of different types of plastic, we can sort out and recycle the packaging that is left in the system, thus avoiding incineration. With Site Zero’s new technology, this PP film-based packaging will be able to become new products, which has not been possible in any facility in Sweden before. It provides circular plastic flows that reduce the need for fossil raw materials and combustion.

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