High sustainability goals require a new organization at Norrmejerier

Stina Printz becomes the new sustainability manager, responsible for Norrmejerier’s new department ’Sustainability and Farm’.

Norrmejerier continues to drive its sustainability agenda forward by reducing climate impact and promoting more responsible production. A new department is established: ‘Sustainability and Farm’, consisting of seven employees with expertise in sustainability, environment, management systems, on-farm quality work, membership issues, audits, and milk quality advisory. The new department shall strengthen Norrmejerier’s sustainability efforts and facilitates collective work towards sustainability goals.

Norrmejerier has set climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement. This means reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations by 42%. Additionally, emissions in the supply chain should decrease by 25% by 2031.

During October and November, Norrmejerier is conducting a pilot project together with Agronod to test the climate calculation tool ‘Agrosfär’ on several farms.

– Our farms are currently making significant efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase biological diversity, and produce efficiently. We need to find the right tools to measure this and demonstrate the benefits that agriculture brings besides contributing to food supply. The pilot project with Agronod is a first step in this,’ says Stina Printz, Head of Sustainability and Farm at Norrmejerier.

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