Arla campaigns for foodie bags to reduce food waste

To reduce food waste in the restaurant business Arla is launching the ”Take-Home” campaign and offers all participating restaurants free foodie bags that guests can use to take their food leftovers home.

Swedish restaurants throw away around 70,000 tonnes of food every year, a waste of resources that causes both a major climate impact and unnecessary costs for the industry.

– I believe that many restaurants can do better in encouraging their guests to take the food they can’t finish home. A piece of meat, half a portion of pasta carbonara, or a bowl of potatoes are foods that deserve a second chance the next day. And we are quite sure that it’s a take-home that no one will regret, says Catarina Molin Österlund, Marketing Manager for Foodservice at Arla.

In Arla’s latest survey on food waste, most people (83 percent) say they would be willing to take home leftovers when dining at a restaurant, and they would do it more often if the restaurant encouraged it (81 percent).

– There is a strong desire to take home food leftovers. But many find it embarrassing or simply not worth it. That’s why we are now launching the ”Take-Home” campaign – an initiative that is good for your wallet, the planet, and tomorrow’s meal planning, says Catarina Molin Österlund.

The campaign starts on Friday, September 22nd, and targets both the restaurant industry and consumers on Facebook and Instagram.

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