The Swedes support the school milk

Free school milk in Sweden no longer seems self-evident, but according to a survey by Norrmejerier, the population wants to keep the school milk.

In recent months several municipalities have announced that it is possible to cut back on milk for schoolchildren in times of savings. But nine out of ten Swedes consider it important for children to be offered milk as part of the school meal, according to a press release from Norrmejerier.

On September 27, Sweden celebrates School Milk Day, a UN initiative celebrated worldwide to highlight the benefits of school milk. At the occasion Norrmejerier has carried out a study, conducted by, on the public’s opinion of school milk.

The survey reveals that:

9 out of 10 Swedes believe it is important for children to be offered milk in school.

7 out of 10 believe that milk plays an important role in children’s development. There are also clear differences between generations. The survey shows that younger generations do not have the same belief in the role of milk in children’s development as older generations. Among respondents over 65, only 3% say milk is not important for children’s development, compared to the 18-29 age group where 21% say milk is not important.

Just over 4 out of 10 people aged 30-49 buy milk because they want their children to drink milk.

School Milk Day, or World School Milk Day as it is called internationally, was established by the UN and has been celebrated annually on the last Wednesday in September since 2000. The purpose of School Milk Day is to highlight the benefits of school milk.

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