The yearly campaign for Swedish-produced goods has started

Between September 18 and October 1, the From Sweden labelling is displayed more prominently than usual in grocery stores.

The ‘From Sweden weeks’, is a yearly activity, where the food industry collaborates to promote the origin labelling for Swedish raw materials, foods, and plants in stores and communications.

The message ’Choose Swedish when you shop’ is on shopping carts, advertised in the press and on websites, displayed outdoors in store proximity and in the Stockholm subway, and as always, there is significant activity on social media. New this year is the pilot project ’Taste From Sweden’ — mini-markets where eight well-known food companies offer tastings in four influential stores in the Stockholm area.

– The ‘From Sweden weeks’ are the largest and most important activity of the year for the ‘From Sweden’. It is an activity in which everyone using the labelling can participate in the way that suits them best. The ‘From Sweden’ labelling has a broad and valuable foundation throughout the food chain, which is evident in engagement and collaborations. Awareness of the labels are high, and trust are equally so. The labelling is meant to make it easy to find and choose Swedish products, and we see that consumers demand and choose From Sweden-labeled raw materials, food, and plants when they shop, says Ulrika Norvell, Acting CEO and Quality Manager at Svenskmärkning AB.

The primary target audience is aged 35+ and families with children, reminding them that Swedish-produced everyday food is a good choice. Currently, 226 companies have the origin labeling, and there are approximately 12,000 products approved for labelling.

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