Arla expands on the low-cost marked

Inflation and rising food prices force many people to choose the cheapest options in the supermarket. Arla responds by expanding its range with affordable breakfast options – two yoghurts and two cream cheeses.

It is ten years ago, Arla launched the brand ‘Familjefavoriter’ (Family Favourites), with good and affordable cheeses for the whole family. The philosophy behind the brand is larger family packages at a lower price, without compromising on either taste or quality. Since the launch, the cheeses have grown in popularity to a very popular brand.

– When families started getting less money in their wallets, we saw that their purchasing behaviour changed, more people turned to the cheaper alternatives, Maria Loxvi, responsible for Familjefavoriter at Arla, says and continues:

– We have an important role in supporting consumers who are having a tough time financially. For us, it’s about offering a wide range of different products that suit all wallets. Regardless of the price, it is important that it is both tasty and nutritious. To meet the increased interest in affordable foods, Arla is now expanding the range under the Familjefavoriter brand and launching two yogurts and two cream cheeses that are suitable for both breakfast and snacks.

Arla plans to expand Familjefavoriter with another novelty in the Autumn.

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