Milk thirsty Northerners

People from Norrland are the most milk drinking in Sweden. This is shown in a survey from Norrmejerier on Swedish milk consumption.

Milk is widely used for both coffee and cooking, but in Sweden it is also a popular drink. In a recent survey, carried out by the research company Norstat, 6 out of 10 from Norrland in Sweden state that they mainly buy milk to drink it. This makes them the most milk-thirsty population in the country. In comparison only 3 out of 10 Stockholmers said, that they buy milk to drink it.

– The Norlanders’ preference for milk as a drink with a meal is fantastic and, in many ways, unique. Although milk has more uses, it is pleasing that milk still is a popular drink in Norrland. It is important that we continue to drink milk to get many of the nutrients we need every day, but also to keep our milk farms and dairies alive, Gerhard Bley, CEO of Norrmjerier, says.

In the survey, 7 out of 10 northerners answer that they think it is important to buy a farmer-owned brand – and not just the cheapest alternative.

The survey was made by Norstat on behalf of Norrmejerier. A total of 1,034 people aged between 18–99 across Sweden responded.

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