Arla doubles the number of trucks that run on cow manure

In the last two months, Arla has purchased fifteen new trucks that run on biogas from cow manure. Later this year, another eight trucks will be on the road.

Arla continues to invest in biogas. There are present 15 new biogas-powered milk trucks operating in Gävle, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Kalmar, Stockholm, Vimmerby, Växjö and Örebro,

– By converting cow manure into biogas, we close the cycle on dairy farms. Society gets a fossil-free, locally produced fuel that can power buses, trucks, ships, and industries. And from the residual products, the farmers get a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer back to the fields, Malin Leander, director of logistics at Arla Sweden, says.

In 2018, Arla was the first in Sweden to convert its own heavy transport to 100 percent fossil-free fuel. Today, Arla has a total of 41 biogas trucks in its Swedish fleet – and more to come.

According to the latest figure from 2021, 89 Swedish Arla-farms had biogas production, either by making biogas themselves or by supplying manure to a biogas plant. The goal is to increase the number of farms to 160 by 2030.

– The potential is enormous. According to our previous calculations, manure from the farms can correspond to approximately 54 million liters of diesel. In theory, we could become completely self-sufficient, Malin Leander says.

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