Private label sales grow slower in Sweden than abroad

While the share of private label sales in Europe increased by 1.2 percentage points in 2022, the Swedish increase remained at 0.8 percent, writes.

Last year, private label sales grew to a total of 302 billion euros across the 17 European countries surveyed by NielsenIQ for PLMA’s annual Private Label Yearbook.

European markets remain some of the biggest private label markets globally: compared to 2021, the value share grew by 1.2 percentage point to a record of 37% of the total market.

According to NielsenIQ the European country with the highest share of private label sales is Switzerland with 52% in value. Runner up is the Netherlands with an overall value share of 44%. Spain and the UK follow with 43%, Germany (40%) and Portugal (39%). Belgium’s share is 38%, Austria 35%, Denmark 34%, Poland and France 32%. Share is under thirty percent in six of the surveyed countries: Italy and Hungary (28%), Sweden (27%), Greece (23%), Czech Republic (22%) and Norway (21%).

Private label is a reality in all of Europe, says Nielsen. It continues its growth across countries and categories.

The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) have its annual conference in Rotterdam this week.

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