Norrmejerier is satisfied after a turbulent year

Norrmejerier has presented its financial report, that highlights the increased payment for the farmers, the climate initiatives, and the fact, that Norrmejerier achieved positive earnings, when adjusted for a one-off cost for its pension fund.

Norrmejerier sums up 2022 as a turbulent year for the entire food industry. Despite this, it is highlighted in the annual report that Norrmejerier has succeeded in increasing the compensation to the milk producers by SEK 190 million. It is also emphasized that Norrmejerier has set new climate targets and initiated to reduce the dairy’s climate footprint at all levels.

In 2022 Norrmejerier had a one-off cost for its pension fund. With the one-off cost, the result after financial items is minus 24 million. The operating profit is also affected by the pension fund amount, but despite that it improves by more than SEK 70 million compared to 2021.

In autumn 2022, Gerhard Bley took over as the new managing director of Norrmejerier. In a press release he defines three areas of focus to create a long-term sustainable dairy business with the ability to deliver a competitive milk price:

  • Growth through strong brands and high added value of the milk
  • Efficiency and quality
  • Optimal raw material efficiency

– We must build strong brands to ensure a high willingness to pay and create growth with selected brands throughout the country. And finally, ‘the last kilo of milk determines success’. Our ability to handle surplus milk in a flexible and profitable way is crucial for success over time, Norrmejerier’s  CEO Gerhard Bley says.

Read the full press release HERE