Dairy runs at half capacity because people drink less milk

Arla’s dairy in Kallhäll was built during the milk boom in the 1980s, but in recent years only half of the capacity it was built for is in use due to decrease in milk consumption, ATL.nu writes.

Arla’s dairy in Kallhäll is one of Europe’s largest in terms of employment – with as many as 850 employees. The products at the dairy are fresh milk and cream, and 156 million kilos of milk are collected per year. But the dairy has capacity for twice that amount.

Just three years ago, the amount was 186 million kilos, i.e., a reduction of 30 million kilos.

– This is not an Arla phenomenon, it is a dairy phenomenon and is caused by changing consumption patterns – from fresh milk to other dairy products, Jörgen Thunholm, manager of Arla’s dairies in Kallhäll and Sundsvall, says to Atl.nu.

When Arla closes the dairy in Sundsvall in May, the milk will go to Kallhäll Dairy instead, but the

23 million kilos of milk from Sundsvall will only be a small addition to Kallhäll’s production lines, Atl.nu writes.

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