Agricultural newspaper: Increasing number of milk producers are leaving organic production.

ATL has dug into the data from four Swedish dairies to find out how many organic milk producers that have stopped or switched to conventional milk production.

According to ATL Sweden’s four largest dairies have lost 13 percent of their organic milk producers in one year. This corresponds to 66 farms changing or shutting down their production in 2022.

The dairies state that most of the farms have chosen to convert to conventional operation.

In the article experts from the organization ’Krav’ and from ’Ekologiska lantbrukarna’ (organic farmers) agree that a main reason is that the organic supplement does not cover the costs of organic production. Another reason is imbalance in the market, which means that the dairies have directly encouraged milk producers to change.

The report ’Swedish ecological index 4 2022’ shows a sharp reduction in the sale of organic food.. For dairy products, the volume reduction is 16 percent.

Skånemejerier, Falköpings Mejeri and Norrmejerier inform ATL that during the beginning of 2023 they have achieved a better balance between organic and conventional milk. However, Arla states that they still have a surplus of organic milk.

The article in ATL contains data over how many milk producers the individual dairies have.

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