Arla serves free breakfast at ten schools

For the second year in a row, Arla is launching a breakfast campaign to contribute to young people’s health, performance, and equality in school.

Many young people start the school day on an empty stomach. But skipping breakfast can have consequences. In Arla’s Breakfast Barometer, where children, parents and teachers answered questions about breakfast habits, it appears that students experience increased ability to concentrate (59 percent) and better mood (67 percent) when they eat breakfast.

– Even though the children themselves testify to the positive benefits of eating breakfast, we know that every third student skips the morning meal. And in these times, where many families have less in their wallets, unfortunately many children do not eat breakfast or dinner at home. This results in hungry students who have neither the strength nor the energy to learn. It is not equal schooling. With this project, we want all participating schools to have the chance to see the positive effects of breakfast, Erica Elfving, project manager Arla School Breakfast, says.

Arla encourages schools to apply to start a breakfast service for students in grades 7-9. Ten schools will be selected by a jury and for three weeks receive help with serving breakfast during the autumn semester 2023. Arla is responsible for all dairy products and information to increase knowledge about why breakfast is important.

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