Collaboration against food poverty and food waste continues

The Kavli Foundation, which owns the food company Kavli, continues to support Skåne Bymission’s work against food poverty and food waste.

The Kavli Foundation supports Skåne Bymission’s work against food poverty and food waste with a good 917,000 SEK. The money must be used both to expand existing operations and to create new offers.

Over several years, the Kavli Foundation has established a strong relationship with Bymissionen both centrally and regionally as part of the fund’s strategy to make good solutions for sustainable production and consumption visible – as well as a desire to support those who need it most.

Since 2012, the fund has been a central player in the work to establish and develop the first, large network of food centers in Norway, where Kavli is headquartered.

– It is exciting and gratifying to be involved in developing and spreading this well-functioning concept in Sweden as well, allocation manager at Kavlifonden, Guro Hjetland Sundsby, says.

She praises Skåne Stadsmission and the good development with constant new milestones since the start of the collaboration.

– We see that their activities play an important role in this special time with constant new crises, this has increased the need for the support they provide, she continues.

– Kavli Sweden is an important part of creating value for good purposes within the Kavli Group, and we are happy to be able to contribute to positive solutions for the local community around Kavli Sweden’s factory in Eslöv in this way.

Skåne Bymission has experienced a 40% increase in visitors to their shops since the summer of 2022. At the same time, a lot of food is wasted in Skåne and elsewhere. The goal of the project is thus twofold: to reach more people in need and to increase Skåne food center’s distribution capacity with 400 tons of surplus food in 2023. The goal is to handle 1,000 tons/year in 2023.

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