Arla announces layoffs in Falköping

Declining sales figures is the reason that Arla is notifying staff of redundancies at Falbygdens Ost, Falköping newspaper writes.

The staff redundancy will affect 15-18 employees out of the 85 in Falköping today. ’Falbygdens Ost’ is a subsidiary of Arla Foods, which bought it in 2014 from the former owner Atria Sweden. Until 2006, it was a family business founded in 1878 by Johan-August and Johanna Johansson.

The company stores and refines cheeses from other producers. Falbygdden’s Ost has its head office in central Falköping.

Approximately 6,000 tons of cheese are stored and packed each year, but the company claims to have noticed a sharp decline in sales of 5 percent in the past year, writes.

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