Swedish milk consumption has decreased by 60 percent since 1980

New statistics show how consumption has changed over the years. For example, milk drinking has decreased, while the consumption of meat and vegetables has increased.  

The Swedes eat twice as many vegetables and drink half as much milk today compared to about 40 years ago. This is shown in a news statistic from the Swedish Agency for Agriculture (Jordbuksverket), according to an article in Atl.se.

In 1980 the average Swede drank 160 litres milk per year. The preliminary figures for 2021 show that the average Swede now drink 63 litres per year – a reduction of just over 60 percent.

When it comes to fresh vegetables, the consumption trend has been the opposite. I 2021 the Swedes ate 47 kilos per year per person, more than twice as much as in 1980.

Another notable increase is meat consumption, which has increased by 75 percent to an average of 48.2 kilograms per person per year.

For many product groups the figures show a development from consumption of natural raw materials to more refined products. For example, the direct consumption of sugar has gone down, while the consumption of chocolate, confectionery, soft drinks e.g., has increased sharply.

The same development can also be seen for product groups such as potatoes, bread, and cereal products as well as dairy products. During the period 1980–2021, there has been a continuous reduction in consumption of milk, while the consumption of cheese has increased.

Se the full statistic report HERE