Dalsspira Dairy declares bankruptcy

The board of Dalsspira Dairy has decided to cancel the ongoing reconstruction restructuring for the company and is applying for bankruptcy instead.

After seven years, as Sweden’s first listed dairy, the board had to put the company into bankruptcy as it found no possible way for continued operations. So, the board states in a press release.

Dalsspira Dairy AB was listed on Spotlight Stock Market back on December 21, 2015. Despite its ups and downs, the dairy had a general positive sales trend until the covid pandemic changed consumer buying behaviour.

In the press release, the board thanks the founder Carina Alexandersson and family for their great desire to change the industry and the ambition to provide the consumers better milk products.

’By her side, she has also had a wonderful staff who stood up in all kinds of weather, no matter how hard the wind blew around the company. We also want to thank all the farmers and other suppliers who stood up for the company, and not least thanks to Wermland’s Dairy, Falköping’s Dairy and Gäsene Dairy, with whom, despite being competitors, we have had a fruitful collaboration’, the board writes.

Vänersborg district court has appointed lawyer Staffan Karnå of the law firm Kjällgren AB as bankruptcy administrator.

Read the full press release HERE