LOHILO is launched in 640 Danish grocery stores

The Swedish company LOHILO, known for functional food, have export ambitions. Next stop is Denmark.

LOHILO’s functional ice cream will be launched in Denmark’s leading grocery group Salling Group, that include the chains Netto, Føtex and Bilka. The launch takes place in steps from January to March.

– We have high export-ambitions and have previously established ourselves on both the Finnish and Dutch market. We are very proud to now also to launch in Denmark – and to reach as many as 640 Danes through our collaboration with Denmark’s largest wholesaler stores, Richard Hertvig, CEO at Lohilo Foods AB sa

– LOHILO Food is known for at range of health products such as functional drinks, protein bars, chips, chewing gum and glass. The name LOHILO, stands for ‘LO – carbs – HI function- LO additives.

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