Arla saves three tonnes of food a day

Together with customers, Arla has saved nearly 1,800 tons of food since the beginning of 2021 through the Arla Deals initiative.

Thursday the 29th of September is Food Waste Day, organized by UN. Arla uses the occasion to take stock of its activities concerning food waste. Among others Arla opened a digital outlet almost two years ago – Arla Deals – where dairy products with a shorter expiry date are sold at a discounted price to shops and restaurants. Since the beginning of 2021, almost 1,800 tons of food have been saved through the initiative, which corresponds to almost three tons of food per day.

– As Sweden’s largest food company, we have a responsibility to think sustainably. We are constantly reviewing how we can reduce our climate impact, from cow to consumer. With Arla Deals, together with our customers in commercial kitchens and grocery stores, we can reduce food waste and contribute to ensuring that the food produced is eaten. It’s a big win, Victoria Olsson, Arla Sweden’s sustainability manager, says.

In a press release Arla also advice on how people can reduce food waste at home. Read more HERE

Facts about International Food Waste Day: Reducing food waste is important in relation to the climate, therefore the UN’s goal in Agenda 2030 is to halve global food waste and reduce waste and losses in the entire food chain. For the third year in a row, the UN is organizing International Food Waste Day on 29 September.