Stable milk yield despite challenging years

The annual result from Växas ‘Kokontrollen’ shows a slight decrease of the average yield, which landed at 10,917 kilos ECM.

Large cost increases have caused a challenging year for many milk producers, but milk yields have remained at a stable level, nonetheless. This is shown by figures from Växa Sweden, according to

Last year (2020/2021), the average yield in Swedish herds according to Växa was 11,009 kilos of energy-corrected milk, ECM. This year’s results show a slight decrease to 10,419 kilos of milk or 10,917 kilos of ECM.

– The high feed prices might have affected the yield. Many farmers choose a feed of slightly lower quality ­ and fiber feed has been removed at some farms, Jessica Kinnander, head of the Kokontrollen in Växa, says

According to the figures the average number of cows in the herds has increased from 97 cows last year to 99 cows. However, the total number of cows has decreased by 5.5 percent, which is more than in previous years. The number of milk farms has also decreased by around 7.3 percent.

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