Norrmejerier Targeted by Cyberattack

On Tuesday night, April 16, Norrmejerier fell victim to a cyberattack, prompting an immediate shutdown of both production and networks in Umeå.

By Tuesday afternoon, Norrmejerier announced the resumption of food fat production at the Umeå dairy following the cyberattack. However, other operations remained suspended as efforts to investigate the cyberattack were underway. According to ATL, Norrmejerier has identified the perpetrator behind the attack since Tuesday, but they’ve chosen not to reveal more details at this point.

Despite the disruption, milk collection has been ongoing, with transportation to Norrmejerier’s daries in Burträsk and Luleå, which are unaffected by the attack. Additionally, Arla and Falköping dairy have extended assistance to Norrmejerier.

– As early as two o’clock on Tuesday, the first trucks began their journey southward, destined for Arla’s dairies in Östersund and Götene, as well as Falköping dairy’s facility in Grådö, says Petra Kangas, Norrmejerier’s communication chief (photo), to ATL..

– We’ve received an incredible response from both other dairies and drivers. Everyone involved in logistics has truly gone above and beyond, she adds.

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