Arla appoints new agricultural manager in Sweden

Frida Carlsson is appointed as the new head of Arla’s department for agricultural and member issues in Sweden. She currently serves as the CEO of the ‘Hushållningssällskapet’ in Jönköping.

– I am both happy and proud to welcome Frida Carlsson to Arla. She is a strong leader who has played a key role in Swedish agriculture for many years. Her drive and commitment will be crucial for the work with Arla’s members and the commercialization of sustainability efforts on the farms, says Lisa Ehde, head of Arla’s global department for agricultural and member issues, who until March 1st this year held the same position in Sweden. In the same press release Frida Carlsson says:

– Milk and dairy products are healthy and important foods that we, in Northern Europe, have natural conditions to produce, especially in Sweden. The importance of strong and profitable dairy companies in Sweden is significant, and I am excited to get the opportunity work in this strong farmer cooperative. The role as head of agricultural and member issues in Sweden is complex, involving everything from commercialization of sustainability and international collaborations to extensive work with Arla’s members and democracy. But this spectrum interests and attracts me, and I look forward to contributing to the important work with ownership issues within Arla, says Frida Carlsson, who is an agronomist with over 20 years of experience in Swedish agriculture

Arla is owned by dairy farmers in seven Northern European countries. The relationship with the owners is primarily managed by the department for agricultural and member issues (Arla Agriculture), where Frida Carlsson will thus become the head in Sweden after the summer.”

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