Skånemejerier’s new slogan: ’Always close to you’

Skånemejerier wants more people to understand the value of choosing food from Skåne. That is the basis for Skånemejerier’s new brand concept with the main message ‘Always close to you’ (‘Alltid nära dig’).

– We want to emphasize how the dairy raw material is not only important for us humans from a nutritional perspective but also how it nourishes the whole of Skåne. When you, as a person from Skåne, buy dairy products from Skånemejerier, you are buying milk, yogurt, filmjölk, butter, and cream from a farm very close to you. This proximity holds great value for both Skånemejerier, farmers, and consumers, and that is what the new communication aims to convey. This is something we also highlight in other projects such as farm visits, Skåne farmers in stores, and dairy schools, says Louise Bergqvist, Senior Brand Manager, Skånemejerier.

Additionally, milk production is a strong driver in creating job opportunities in rural areas. According to LRF, each Swedish dairy farmer creates jobs for an average of eight people. A self-sufficient Swedish milk production would create 11,000 new jobs and make us more resilient to disruptions in world trade.

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