Kalmar gets the first fossil-free cheese dairy in Arla

Arla’s dairy in Kalmar is becoming fossil-free. The dairy simultaneously streamlines its energy usage, reduces its costs, and minimizes the risk of production interruptions.

In December, the final parts of Kalmar’s new energy system will be installed. Once the trial run is complete, Sweden will have the first fossil-free cheese dairy in the cooperative, which operates in 14 countries and has nearly 60 dairies worldwide. Consequently, five out of Arla’s eleven Swedish facilities will be fossil-free.

– We’re reducing our costs and carbon dioxide emissions while obtaining a fossil-free and robust energy system. Investing in climate measures pays off, says dairy manager Jerker Wahlman in a press release.

With two new electric steam boilers and a new heat pump, both the efficiency and stability of production increase. Even if one component were to break down, there is enough energy to power the entire dairy. The change results in an energy saving of at least 780 megawatt-hours per year, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of approximately 39,000 average homes.

When the new energy system is fully operational, CO2 emissions are estimated to decrease by nearly 400 tons per year. Read the full press release HERE