Norrmejerier’s climate claims was misleading

The Advertising Ombudsman has determined that Norrmejerier mislead consumers when they claimed that their milk was the most climate-friendly in Sweden.

At the beginning of the year, Norrmejerier launched a new product under the brand Norrlogisk, which claimed on the packaging to be ’Sweden’s most climate-friendly milk.’ This wording caused three individuals to report the dairy to the Advertising Ombudsman (Reklamombudsmannen).

This week several news medias are reporting that the ombudsman has made the decision that the wording on the packaging is contrary to good marketing practices.

‘The Advertising Ombudsman’s board of opinions finds that the advertisement contains a misleading environmental claim. It is thus in violation of Article 5 and D1 of the International Chamber of Commerce’s rules for advertising and marketing communication,’ the decision states.

The Advertising Ombudsman is an organization responsible for overseeing self-regulation of advertisements in the business community. Therefore, the decisions are only advisory for good marketing practices and are not linked to any sanctions. Norrmejerier has subsequently corrected its wording on the cartons and on the website

Read the Ombudsman’s decision and Norrmejerier’s defence HERE