LRF Mjölk is investing heavily in the school food issue

LRF Mjölk has founded a Commission to ensure that more schoolchildren have access to and partake in a healthy and nutritious school diet.

During the spring, reports from all over Sweden indicated that an increasing number of students were consuming more food at school, while food costs are raising. Also, this summer, the Swedish National Agency for Education came out with a report which shows that some municipalities spend three times more money in the school meal budget than other municipalities, and more and more schools have seen that school breakfast has led to calmer classes and increased study relaxation.

Now, LRF Mjölk (the National Association of Farmers, Milk) is initiating an independent School Food Commission with the purpose of investigating:

  • How can the school staff be provided with the necessary conditions to fulfill their tasks?
  • How can the disparities between municipalities be addressed and equalized?
  • Should the state adopt a comprehensive approach and institute a school meal allowance?

These questions will be discussed at a press meeting on September 14, where LRF will provide more information about the School Food Commission’s upcoming work.

Read more about the press conference HERE – with a link for online participation.