Swedes prefer seasonal and domestic food

A majority of Swedish consumers agree that seasonal consumption and local production are two of the most important parts of sustainable food consumption.

A survey conducted by Coop Butiker & Stormarknader in collaboration with HUI Research, shows that more than 8 out of 10 consumers are willing to shop for seasonal fruit, vegetables and other foods in order to eat Swedish-grown food to a greater extent. Both women and men have a positive attitude.

– It is gratifying to see that there is great support for sustainable food consumption and that so many consumers associate Swedish food as sustainable. Buying Swedish products is a key to bringing a sustainable grocery bag home to the kitchen. As the climate changes growth will become increasingly more difficult around the equator, while we will relatively have better conditions to grow in Sweden. In Sweden we both have an opportunity and an obligation to produce more food, with a lower climate footprint, for a growing world, Anna Karin Hatt, president and CEO of the Farmers’ Confederation (LRF) says.

Locally grown food comes before organic products. Seven out of ten prefer a tomato grown in a greenhouse in Sweden over a free-growing organic tomato imported from Spain.

– The results of the survey show that Swedish consumers feel secure that our domestic food production is top class. And that’s exactly what it is. Swedish food production is a world leader with for example the lowest climate footprint and the lowest antibiotic use in animal husbandry in the entire EU.. By buying Swedish food, demand increases and we can secure Swedish food production, which is an important preparedness issue, Anna Karin Hatt, says.

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