New rules enable traditional maturation of cheese

In the middle of July, it became possible for Swedish food businesses to store cheese according to traditional methods for maturation in for example underground cellars and caves.

In Sweden, underground cellars, caves and similar spaces have traditionally been used for maturing cheese. In this type of storage, the cheeses acquire a special character that cannot be achieved in other storage conditions. An obstacle is that they do not meet the statutory requirements regarding premises and equipment.

Since the number of traditional cheese producers has increased, there have been requests for more flexibility in the hygiene regulation so that farmhouse dairies and food artisans can produce cheese with traditional characteristics within the framework of a clear set of regulations.

In the autumn, the Swedish Food Agency will produce guidance on control and rules for this type of activity. The food organization ‘Eldrimner’, together with ‘Sveriges gårdsmejerister’ – the union of farmhouse dairies – has developed the rule set ‘Industry guidelines for artisanal production of dairy products. These guidelines have been assessed by the Swedish Food Agency and can be used as support together with the dairy industry’s industry guidelines for good hygiene practice.

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