Sales of organic cheese rose last year

The recent report ‘Krav’s økobarometer’ shows both ups and downs for the Swedish organic label. For example, the sale of cheese has increased. At the same time, the number of farmers who are associated with Krav is decreasing.

– Even though we have a tough year behind us with heavy inflation and high food prices, there is a glimmer of light when it comes to Krav-labeled foods. Sales in grocery stores have fallen, but certain products such as cheese and chicken have done well, Emma Rung, CEO of Krav, says in a press release.

According to the organic barometer, sales of Krav-labeled cheese rose by 29 percent in value and as much as 37 percent in volume.

It is primarily in the grocery stores that the organic sales have decreased. On the other hand, sales have been stable from public players such as schools, elderly care, and hospitals.

– If we want locally produced and Krav-labeled products, we must buy them. The organic farmers, who cannot sell their products, may have to switch to conventional production, and it often takes several years before they go back to organic again, Emma Rung says.

Krav’s Økobarometer was launched in April 2023 and includes statistics from 2022. The Økobarometer replaces the annual sustainability reports that KRAV previously published.

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