Norrmejerier discussed climate policy with the government

Last week the government had invited 14 large Swedish companies and organizations active in forestry and agriculture to discuss the government’s climate strategy. Gerhard Bley, CEO of Norrmejerier, was one of the representatives.

As the only dairy company and food producer in Norrland, Norrmejerier was invited to assist the government with its climate policy action plan. Norrmejerier discussed opportunities and challenges in agriculture with Climate and Environment Minister Romina Pourmokhtari and Rural Affairs Minister Peter Kullgren.

– Agriculture accounts for almost 15 percent of Sweden’s total emissions of greenhouse gases, and powerful measures are needed to reach the climate goals. Swedish agriculture is crucial for a stable food supply, open landscapes, biological diversity, and jobs, but we need to reduce emissions, Gerhard Bley CEO of Norrmejerier (photo left) says.

–  In order to succeed, politicians need to help us, not put obstacles in our climate work. Politicians must facilitate the transformation of agriculture and ensure that there are incentives that make it more profitable to run one’s agriculture in Sweden in a sustainable way, Gerhard Bley continues and add:

– Politicians can also help consumers to make sustainable choices, for example by reducing food VAT on sustainable products.

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