Swedish blue cheese gets a Protected Geographical Indication

The EU Commission has given Sörmland’s Ädel blue mold cheese a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), the Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) informs.

The geographical protection means that Sörmland’s Ädel receives a quality stamp which entails that the cheese must be manufactured according to certain regulations and only within Södermanland. All activities from grazing, milk production, cheese making, and storage must take place within the landscape.

Sörmland’s Ädel is the 14th in a row of Swedish foods to be protected within the EU’s quality system. Products that have already received a Protected Geographical Indication include the cheese Svecia, the candy bar Äkta Gränna Polkagrisar and brown beans from Öland.

Kerstin Jürss, CEO of Jürss Dairy, that manufactures Sörmland’s Ädel, says:

– I hope that through the EU appointment we can make Swedish consumers aware that we have very good products in Sweden. We have clean nature, good animal welfare and raw materials. We have food that is worth highlighting. The EU label is known in Europe, and I hope that it can contribute to increase tourism in Sörmland as a food region.

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