Report: The decline of organic food continues

About 18,000 hectares of organic farmland were converted to conventional farmland last year. This corresponds to 3 pct of the organic area, according to the Ecological Annual Report 2022, that was presented last week.

– We are in a period that we haven’t seen the like of in modern times, where several organic hectares disappear every year. 2022 was the year with the largest reduction in these areas, market analyst Niclas Åkeson said, when he presented the Ecological Annual Report, which is published by Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, Organic Sweden, Krav and Ekomatcentrum. This can be read in

Between 2004 and 2021, the sales value of organic food increased by nine percent per year on average. Last year, the figure remained at 2.5 percent, which includes both Swedish and imported eco-products.

– For some categories, there has been a sharp reduction in volume. The ones that stand out are dairy, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. It has consequences for organic agriculture in Sweden, Niclas Åkeson said, noting that there is an enormous focus on low prices among consumers and retailers.

The sales value in the retail business fell by SEK 540 million. But within the public sector, and private foodservice, things looked significantly better, according to the report.

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