Norrmejerier has great expectations for new climate milk

Norrmejerier launches a new milk with a 25 percent lower climate footprint. The farmers who supply the raw material receive compensation for extra costs and a bonus on top of that.

Despite the declining organic market, Norrmjerier is now launching a new milk, which leans towards the organic, but with a special focus on the milk’s climate impact.

The name of the new milk is ‘Norrlogisk’. The production must live up to some feed requirements, which among other things entails that, the cows receive a feed supplement that lowers the production of methane gas by 30 percent, according to the dairy’s sustainability manager Stina Printz, who has spoken to

In addition, green electricity must be used in production, just as there are rules for fertilizer.

The current 10 farms that deliver the milk receive extra compensation. Partly a compensation for the more expensive inputs required for production and partly a premium based on the number of kilos of milk.

– If Norrlogisk milk is a success, more farms can quickly be converted to produce more milk with a reduced climate impact, according to Stina Printz.

– This is the future. We must do everything we can to reduce our climate impact. Norrmejerier aims to reduce our total climate impact by 25 percent by 2031, so this is just one step on the way there.

It is also about getting consumers to understand that cows are not climate criminals but climate heroes instead, Stina Pritz says:

– Not least does this apply here in northern Sweden where grazing animals are needed to maintain the biodiversity.

Read more at Norrlogisk’s homepage HERE