Arla is closing the dairy in Sundsvall

Arla is moving the production of fresh milk from Sundsvall to the dairy in Kallhäll outside Stockholm in the spring. It is still unclear how many people will lose their jobs.

The dairy in Sundsvall will be closed, but the distribution centre will remain. Today, around 100 employees work at Arla in Sundsvall, approximately 40 of whom work in the dairy. The employees were informed about the plans at a meeting on Monday. Local union negotiations are starting and exactly how many employees will be made redundant is not yet clear.

– This is of course a very tough announcement for everyone involved, although it is not completely unexpected, Jörgen Thunholm, director of the dairies in Sundsvall and Kallhäll says in a press release

In recent years, the consumption of fresh milk and filmljölk (fermented milk), which are the products that are mainly manufactured in Sundsvall, has decreased in favour of other dairy products such as cheese.

At the beginning of May the entire production will have moved to Kallhäll, while Arla’s distribution operations will remain on the premises.

Because of the closure, the local products ‘Jämtlandsmjölk’ and ‘Långfil’ disappear from store shelves at the beginning of May.

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