Cheeses from Vrigstad will soon be produced at Gäsene Dairy

The owners of the small dairy Smålandsost AB have chosen wind up their production, but their cheese will survive as Gäsene Dairy take over the production.

Gäsene Dairy in Småland will take over the production of cheese from Smålandsost next year and move the production from Vrigstad to Ljung, where Gäsene Dairy is based since 1931.

– With more production capacity in Ljung, we can continue to develop Gäsene Mejeri and preserve Vrigstad’s cheeses as part of our own range. We want to carry on the tradition and produce cheeses that continue to emphasize taste and character, and for us as a small dairy the products from Vrigstad fit in very well, Marcus Jansson, CEO of Gäsense Dairy, says to

– The cheeses from Vringstad are unique and have been manufactured in Småland according to tradition and solid craftsmanship since 1969. We want to manage and preserve that knowledge for the future, he adds.

Gäsene Dairy is owned by 24 dairy farmers and all milk come from their farms.

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