The third Swedish Arla Unika cheese is ready

The Arla Unika brand is launching yet another gourmet cheese. The name is ‘Guldklimp’ (Nugget of Gold) and it is made at the dairy in Östersund.

‘Guldklimp’ is Arla Unika’s new Swedish flagship cheese. It is the brand’s third Swedish cheese. The first was Koryfé, which also is produced at the dairy in Östersund, and the second was Hallands Himmel, which is produced at the dairy in Kvibille.

– At the dairy here in Östersund, we receive milk from Arla farmers in Jämtland every day…. We are so proud to produce two tasty cheeses for Arla Unika. Cheeses that are used by star chefs in both Sweden and Denmark, Kenneth Severin, Arla’s dairy manager in Östersund says.

Guldklimp is a so-called grainy cheese that is first stored for twelve months, then matured for at least 16-18 months to get its special flavour profile. It has a compact consistency with an open and porous structure. The result is a cheese full of protein crystals, which sparkle in the sun like little gold nuggets – hence the name. The salty and bitter flavours are held back to give way to sweetness and umami.

The cheese will be served at selected restaurants in Sweden and Denmark and is available for purchase in Arla Unika’s stores, including the store at Östermalmshallen in Stockholm.

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