Butter from Götene Dairy won first prize

There was Swedish victory in one of the three prize winning categories at the International Dairy Contest in Herning, Denmark. In the butter-category ‘Bregott Sea Salt’ from Arla Foods Götene won first prize

The prize was awarded the 1st of November in Herning, where Knut Junge (right) and Per Pedersen from Arla Foods Götene Dairy received the prize.

– I was really touched and had a tear in the corner of my eye. There is so much behind this. It is a fantastic honor and huge recognition in the dairy world of our many years of work in developing and refining a unique product, Per Pedersen said to the Danish dairy magazine Mejeri.

It was the first time that Götene Dairy won the main prize at the International Dairy Contest. A performance that, in the opinion of product developer Knut Junge, got an extra boost due to tough competition.

– Our product competed against many good, high-quality products. So, the fact that we won underlines both IDC’s high-quality level and that we with Bregott Sea Salt have succeeded in making all criteria – taste, smell and consistency – merge into a higher unity, he said.

The judges described Bregott Sea Salt as: ’the perfect mixture of freshly churned cream and rape seed oil. The many crunchy pieces of sea salt emphasize the slightly sour taste, which with the perfect spreadability makes this Bregott a gift for any piece of bread. In short – good craftsmanship.’

The International Dairy Contest also had firstprize winners in the categories ‘Cheese’ and ‘Concume’. These were won by respectably Arla’s dairy in Taulov with Svensø and the Icelandic dairy MS Selfoss with Ísey Skyr Crème Brûlée.

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