Algae supplements reduce methane – and cow appetite

A study from SLU shows feed supplemented with red algae lowered methane production in dairy cows, but also caused them to eat less.

For three months, SLU has fed dairy cows with varying levels of asparagopsis algae.

– We are still processing the results, but preliminarily it looks like a 30 percent reduction in methane production in the animals that received the most algae supplements (0.3 percent). In the group that received half of the feed additive – or none, we see no methane reduction, says project manager Rebecca Danielsson.

But the algae supplement also seems but to affect the appetite of the cows.

– The animals that received the highest algal mixture ate approximately 1.5 kilos less per day, according to the preliminary statistical processing. But we see no reduction in milk production, Rebecca Danielsson, says.

The final report will be released next year.

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