Svenskmärkningen AB receives award for successful label

The Swedish origin labelling ‘Från Sverige’ wins the Food Prize 2022 (Livsmedelpriset 2022).

Annually, since 1964 the network organization ‘Food in focus’ has awarded the Food Prize for inspiring initiatives to increase the development of the food industry. This year’s winner, Svenskmärkningen AB, receives the award for the following reasons:

‘Through the ‘Från Sverige’ label, the entire Swedish food industry collaborates to develop and strengthen Swedish food production. The voluntary origin label has in a short time made it easy for the consumer to make an informed choice’.

The ‘Från Sverige’ (From Sweden), ‘Kött från Sverige’ (Meat from Sweden) and ‘Mjölk från Sweden (Milk from Sweden)’ origin labelling scheme is a joint initiative of the Swedish Food Federation, Swedish Food Traders and the Federation of Swedish Farmers.

The labels were launched in 2016. Today around 220 companies use the three different labels on their products. In total it can be found on almost 12,000 Swedish raw materials, foods and plants.

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